Author: Lisah Hamilton

30 Day Bridge Challenge for Runners

Hey Conscious Runners! It’s almost February, and that means my challenge month is here! I’m excited to be participating in 2015 Fit Challenge and delivering this awesomeness to you! So, get ready to hit the floor and start bridging! Bridges not only build strength, but stability. More specifically, they work your belly, butt and hips like no other! I’m telling you, your running will THANK YOU! The Prize And if a strong core isn’t cool enough, February’s prize provided by Hanson’s Coaching Services and Final Surge is a training plan of your choice on Final Surge! Woot! Woot! But you...

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Meet Patricia Tuttle Russell: Conscious Runner Community Super Hero

Today, I am excited to introduce you to runner, mother and Conscious Runner Community super hero, Patricia Tuttle Russell! Patricia’s role at the Conscious Runner is to manage the Conscious Runner Community. Woot! Woot! Like many of us, Patricia began running in the most unusual way. But, I’ll let her tell you about it. CR: What inspired you to start running, and when did you first start to see yourself as a runner? Before the age of 40 I never wanted to be a runner. It happened by accident. I was inspired to start walking after my doctor told me my bone density was not good. She wanted me to begin taking a prescription, and since I try to avoid pharmaceuticals I began walking and increased my calcium intake. After one year of walking at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes, a second bone scan showed my bone density had increased! It was a good feeling knowing that I had taken control of my health. Walking soon became boring and I began running the length of one telephone pole to the next in the middle of my walk. Slowly, very slowly, I began running more and more “telephone poles.” A friend of mine who has been a runner since high school invited me to run a local 5k with her. I wasn’t quite up to 2 miles at this time, but...

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