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Team Huddle: 13 Essential Injury Prevention Tools EVERY Runner MUST Have

Have you ever had one of those moments where your running is going great. You’re feeling good. Your mileage is going up and you are getting faster…. And then all of a sudden you feel a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot, or maybe it’s your knee, or maybe its your hips or a part of your body you never experienced pain before. Did you think to yourself “how could this be happening right now. I’ve been training so well. This is the worst time for ANOTHER injury to crop up?” And then you begin to realize your goal of completing your first half marathon, qualifying for the...

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Team Huddle: How to Build Rock Solid Glutes & Hips in 5 Minutes a Day (Or Less)

Are you ready to experience easy, pain-free running? Weak or inactive glutes are a major contributor to running injuries from from the feet up. If you’ve ever suffered from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, IT band syndrome, hamstring strains, and hip and lower back pain, this video training is for you! First I have you assess your glute and hip strength and then I show you how to build it. The Exercises Balance On One Leg for 30 Seconds (Eyes Open & Eyes Closed) Single Leg Squat Bridge Exercise Donkey Kicks Fire Hydrant Too many runners are injured when they don’t...

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"I notice that I am no longer tight in the days and evenings after my runs, I get out of bed with more pep, and I no longer limp around the office after sitting at my desk for long periods." ~ Jesse - Age 38


"From day one I really liked the dynamic warm-up because I always struggled with knowing the best way to get my muscles ready before running or strength training." ~Patricia - Age 47


 “I am grateful today that you suggested foam rolling when I had my gluteus issues this spring I was sceptic but it cured my glutes issues. What a lifesaver" ~ Gabriella Lundh


 “You gave me a PR this year and also a record distance for the year. All that despite muscle injuries. You not only saved my season, you influenced my training and helped me to a 4:23 marathon PR.” ~Michel Dion - Age 44


 “I been anticipating a good update for you. Just finished the first day on upper body segment and doing some of the additionals. OK, just letting you know that you are awesome! I ran a 10K this weekend, Vulcan Run in Birmingham. My legs and body felt great" ~ Frank Barry

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