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Category: Nutrtition Strategies

TCR080 | Matt Frazier: Running on Plants and the Relentless Pursuit of Qualifying for Boston

Matt got started running in one of the most interesting ways. One day, he and some friends of his got the idea to run a marathon. This was interesting because Matt had hated running his whole life. But here he was, training to run his first marathon an on top of it he was going after a Boston qualifier. But that didn’t happen, he missed the mark by 104 minutes. This really hit him hard. But it wasn’t surprising, he knew nothing about running, his training was terrible, his pacing was terrible, the whole thing was a mess.

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TCR079 | James Mullins Q&A: Weight Loss and Running Nutrition

Hey Conscious Runners! Hope you all are having a fantastic week. I’m so excited to bring this long awaited episode to you today. As you know, there is more to running than just running. We have to pay attention to the little things, such as following sound training principles, strength training, mobility, recover and yes, nutrition. well, today is all about nutrition. I’ve got Strength and Conditioning Specialist and weight loss and nutrition expert James Mullins on the line with me.

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