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TCR099 | Coach’s Corner: 4 Reasons Over 75% of Runners Are Injured Each Year and How NOT to Be One of Them – Part 1 Android | RSSWelcome to another episode of the Coach’s Corner. Today, is part one of Why You Keep Getting Injured and How You Can Stop. In this episode I go deep about how your running form influences your injury profile and running specific strength and mobility work can change your running form and therefore your injury profile. After you listen to the episode, don’t forget to pick up your FREE injury prevention resources by clicking the links below. FREE Injury Prevention Resources 10 Minute Injury Prevention Warm-Up You MUST Do Before Each Run 14 Injury Prevention Tools EVERY Runner...

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TCR085 | Coach’s Corner: How to Keep Yourself Accountable & Reach Your Running Goals

Hey Conscious Runners! Lately, I’ve been hearing about a lot of runners struggling with motivation and holding themselves accountable so they reach their running goals. The truth is everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you’re coming back from injury or coming back from a planned break, you’ve got to start somewhere. Some of us start back with a few miles, some of us start back with a combination of walking and running and others of us start back one block at a time.

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TCR073 | Coach’s Corner: Sometimes You Just Don’t Need to Be Running

Hey Conscious Runners! Today, I’ve got an episode of The Coach’s Corner for you. I haven’t released a oCoach’s Corner episode in a few weeks. It feels really good to be back in front of the camera and mic again. This episode is unlike previous Coach’s Corner. Previous episodes of the Coach’s Corner focus more on the tactical aspects of running such as training, nutrition, strength and recovery.

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