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TCR110 | Nick Symmonds: From 800 Meters to the Marathon & Energizing Runners With Run Gum

Hey Conscious Runners! I’ve got another fantastic interview for you today. For the second time, I’ve got 2x Olympian, businessman, public speaker, entrepreneur and creator of Run Gum (performance gum), Nick Symmonds on the line with me. Nick got started running in a very interesting way. In high school, a girl he wanted to get to know better suggested he try out for the cross country team and he did. What Nick discovered is he was good at running. And not just good, very good. And although he didn’t particularly enjoy running itself, he loved winning and loved being a champion. It was his heart of a champion that would push him to become one of the best 800 meter runners in the World.

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TCR107 | Maggie Kay: Running, Spirituality, and Diving for Pearls

Hey Conscious Runners! Yes, its that time again. I’ve got another episode of the podcast for you. I’ve got Maggie Kay from Maggie Kay wisdom on the line with me. Maggie is an inspirational coach and founder of Thrivecraft–a life coaching practice that opens up the dimension of spirituality to everybody. Having graduated with a BA in Psychology in her native Glasgow, Scotland, Maggie spent her twenties in a semi-monastic community in London, training intensively to become ordained into the Western Buddhist Order.

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TCR105 | Brian Madden: Believing in Yourself & Running Your First Marathon

Hey Conscious Runners! I’ve got an amazing episode for you! I know I say that about every episode, and it’s true. But honestly, this one is takes it to a another level! Today, I’ve got first time marathoner Brian Madden on the line with me. I met Brian a couple of years ago. He reached out to me about being interested in running a marathon. I didn’t hear from him for two years.

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TCR104 | Michel Dion: There is No Tough Day That Can’t Be Solved By a Good Run

Michel and I had wanted to record an episode together for awhile. He thought it would be a great idea to get the perspective of a newbie runner starting later in life and I agreed! This episode is a bit of a different kind of interview. Michel asks me questions on everything from shoes to nutrition, to training plans, to barefoot running. Nothing is off limits.

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TCR103: Jessica Leggio | Correcting Dysfunctional Movement and Running Pain Free

Hey Conscious Runners, I’ve got another fantastic episode for you! Today I’ve got Jessica Marie Rose Leggio on the line with me. As an athletic Functional Movement expert, Jessica helps runners with form, strength and conditioning and Injury Prevention. She is also the creator of the #RunPainFree Running Program. The #RunPainFree Running Program corrects dysfunctional movement patterns, to eliminate pain and get you running pain free.

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TCR100 | Kari Gormley: Being Yourself & The Running Lifestyle

Hey Conscious Runners! Yes, its that time again! I’ve got another fantastic episode of The Conscious Runner podcast for you! Today Kari Gormley from the Running Lifestyle and I sit down and chat it out about things running and life. Kari and I have been trying to connect for the few months. First I had tech issues, then the holidays came, then she had tech issues. It was one challenge after another. But all the while I knew we were destined to meet.

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TCR097 | Martinus Evans: It May Be Hard, But it Can Be Done

Hey Conscious Runners! Yes, I’ve got another amazing interview for you today! It is with runner, speaker and coach Martinus Evans. In July 2012, Martinus weighed approximately 360 lbs (He didn’t know his exact weight because all the scales he stepped on stopped working at 350 lbs.). This episode is about Martinus’s journey to becoming a marathoner.

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TCR096 | Dr. Justin Ross: Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Run

Hey Conscious Runners! Guess what! Yes, I’ve got another amazing interview for you! I’ve got runner and sports psychologist Dr. Justin Ross on the line with me. I was so excited about meeting and chatting with him. A lot of running focuses on what we do with our body, but equally, if not more important is the training that needs o happen with our mind.

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