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TCR090 | Danny Dreyer: Backdoor Enlightenment & Running & Living From Your Center

Hey Conscious Runners! Welcome to another amazing interview! Yes! Can you believe it? I’ve got runner and co-founder of Chi Running, Danny Dreyer on the line with me again! I first interviewed Danny in August of this year. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to that episode, I suggest you do; especially if you want to run with more grace and ease.

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TCR089 | Nick Symmonds: 2x Olympian, Advocate and Activist for Runner’s Rights and Founder of Run Gum

Hey Conscious Runners! I’ve got another fantastic interview for you today. I’ve got 2x Olympian, advocate and activist for runners and creator of Run Gum (performance gum), Nick Symmonds on the line with me. Nick got started running in a very interesting way. In high school, a girl he wanted to get to know better suggested he try out for the cross country team and he did.

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TCR088 | Jeff McCloud: Running After a 25 Year Break & Running as Family Affair

Jeff has been a long-standing member of The Conscious Runner Academy and has taken on the role of The Conscious Runner Academy Community manager. As a Conscious Runner Academy Community manager, Jeff helps to ensure our community remains dedicated to the vision of The Conscious Runner (see the core values on the Home Page). How Jeff got started running is a pretty interesting story.

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TCR084 | Jackie Linehan: Making Running as Easy as Possible and Never Getting Injured

Jackie believes if we don’t know how to properly deal with and release our emotions during these stressful events, they remain in our bodies until a later time when the body feels it is safe to release them. Unfortunately for runners, these suppressed emotions often show up as running pain and running injuries. She believes we need to learn how to deal with these sensations in a positive way and allow them to easily move in and out of our bodies.

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TCR083 | Julia Chi Taylor: Loving Yourself, Staying With the Pain & Running Free

Hey Conscious Runners! As always, I’ve got another fantastic interview for you. I’ve got Julia Chi Taylor from RunningConscious on the mic with me. From a very young age Julia knew all she needed to do was to ‘run free’. To let the running take me where it wanted to. To stay in the step. To be in the moment and so to experience running as a meditation on the move.

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TCR082 | Danny Dreyer: Listening to Your Body and Running With Grace and Ease

Hey Conscious Runners! Welcome to another amazing interview. Today, I have runner and co-founder of Chi Running, Danny Dreyer on the line with me. Danny is an accomplished Ultra Marathon runner (races longer than a marathon) and has raced every distance from a 10K to 100 miles. He has successfully completed 40 ultra-marathons since 1995, finishing in the top 3 in his age group in all but one. In August 2005 he placed second in his age group in the USATF National 50k Championships.

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TCR080 | Matt Frazier: Running on Plants and the Relentless Pursuit of Qualifying for Boston

Matt got started running in one of the most interesting ways. One day, he and some friends of his got the idea to run a marathon. This was interesting because Matt had hated running his whole life. But here he was, training to run his first marathon an on top of it he was going after a Boston qualifier. But that didn’t happen, he missed the mark by 104 minutes. This really hit him hard. But it wasn’t surprising, he knew nothing about running, his training was terrible, his pacing was terrible, the whole thing was a mess.

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TCR079 | James Mullins Q&A: Weight Loss and Running Nutrition

Hey Conscious Runners! Hope you all are having a fantastic week. I’m so excited to bring this long awaited episode to you today. As you know, there is more to running than just running. We have to pay attention to the little things, such as following sound training principles, strength training, mobility, recover and yes, nutrition. well, today is all about nutrition. I’ve got Strength and Conditioning Specialist and weight loss and nutrition expert James Mullins on the line with me.

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