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What Does it Take to Be The Best Runner That You Can Be

I used to say I wanted to be the best runner that I could be, but did I really. I was willing to do all the running  necessary to reach my goals, but when it came down to doing some of the little things, I wasn’t always on top of them. A few years ago, I remember getting up at 4:45 in the morning, having my run done before 6:00am and finding myself sitting in front of the television at 8pm without having completed the scheduled resistance workout. This wasn’t always the case. As I got older, I found...

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Finding the Motivation to Start After a Long Break

Everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you’re coming back from injury or coming back from a planned break, you’ve got to start somewhere. Some of us start back with a few miles, some of us start back with a combination of walking and running and others of us start back one block at a time. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to lace up the shoes and hit roads. It’s in part because other interests have stepped forward and in part because of all the snow and ice we’re getting in the northeast. But I know, come...

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Are You Addicted to Your MP3 Player?

I used to think if I listened to music while running it would be a distraction, but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. Not only did my pace not slow down while listening to my iPod, it made it easier to speed up. So I wasn’t surprised when I read that research confirmed the benefits of exercising to upbeat music. In a study by Porcai and colleagues, volunteers listened to music of varying tempos while working out on stationary bicycles. The researchers found that the volunteer’s heart rates, pedaling speed and power outputs increased as the music tempo increased....

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Running and the Indelible Planes of Motion

In an effort to recover from the back pain that has pushed me to near insanity and let serious injury be a thing of the past, I have been scouring the internet for information on what I need to do to lessen/eliminate the chance of getting this or any other injury again. I have come across several sites that I am confident will help me in achieving just that. It was through Coach Jay Johnson’s  blog (which I have been completely enjoying) that I was re-introduced to the three planes of motion. I vaguely remember hearing about the planes...

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