The Conscious Runner Workshop (Currently Workshop is Closed)

Hi Conscious Running Friend,

Are you constantly bombarded by one thought after another?

Do you want to greet your run with more clarity, presence, gratitude and focus?

Do you want to use running as a vehicle to better understand yourself?

Do you want to use your mind to manage fatigue and become a better runner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have good news for you.

You can quiet your mind and fully experience your run.

Before I go forward, let me take you back a bit.

I always knew there was more to life than fancy cars, big houses and fast race times, but I didn’t know what it was or how to get it.

Most of my days were consumed by one overly-critical, anxious, stressful and worrisome thought after another, which most of the time left me feeling blah. And although I became a better runner, my spirit didn’t always feel great while doing it.

When I ran, the hills looked steeper, the miles felt longer and time drug on at a snail’s pace.

And then one day, I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and this white haired spiritual teacher (Gary Zukav) came on as one of her guests. And although his words were largely foreign to me, I recognized them to be true.

By the end of his guest appearances, seven things were clear to me.

  • I had to love myself, imperfections and all.
  • I am connected to all life.
  • I am not what I own or what I do.
  • The Universe rewards action.
  • I am a great soul.
  • Every moment is a holy moment.
  • The only time is now.

So, what is conscious running?

Conscious running is about cultivating a different running experience. It is about running the roads, tracks and trails feeling alive and connected throughout every pore in your body.

Instead of runs passing you by in a semi-conscious state, you are completely aware of what is going on inside and around you. The weight of your past gone as you stride in the lightness of the present moment.

Runs go by more quickly, discomfort becomes more tolerable, injury more avoidable and inexplicable sense of well-being pervades.

This is why I put the Conscious Runner workshop together.

You don’t have to struggle with what to think about while running.

You don’t have to rely on your mp3 player to get through a run,

You can be internally motivated and get into the zone quicker.

You can synchronize your mind and body in a way that energizes you.

You can cultivate a fulfilling and sustainable relationship with running that will carry you for years to come.

Running can truly become your moving meditation.

With Care, Lisah

What's Inside the Workshop

Module 1: Wanderer

Lesson 1: What is consciousness
Lesson 2: The power of beliefs
Lesson 3: How your story affects you
Lesson 4: Embracing Change

Module 2: Journeyman/ Journeywoman

Lesson 1: You have rights
Lesson 2: Its always your choice
Lesson 3: Redefining success
Lesson 4: Raising your vibration

Module 3: Master

Lesson 1: Striving versus allowing
Lesson 2: Staying in the present moment
Lesson 3: Living with gratitude and intention
Lesson 4: The importance of practice
Lesson 5: Running consciously

Accountability, Motivation & Support

– Live Q&A Sessions and Discussion
– Assignments & Worksheets
– 25 Minute one-to-one personal session with me


At the end of the workshop you will…
  • Know how to tame critical though patterns and experience true freedom
  • Know how to create your own motivation and enjoy running without outside assistance
  • Know how to use running as a vehicle to understanding yourself
  • Know how to integrate your personal values into your running and your life to make both more fulfilling
  • Know how to use mindfulness to motivate yourself whenever you need to
  • Know how to stop struggling with what to think about while running
  • Have a daily practice that you can use to greet your run with presence, focus, clarity, energy so that you can achieve your goals and feel good
What others are saying…
“I cannot begin to tell you how many tears were shed along those 26.2 miles thinking about how someone like Lisah (hundreds of miles away whom I’ve never met in-person) could poor their heart and soul into me for months while in I nervously took it one step at a time… doubting myself most of the way. Lisah Hamilton is unlike any coach I’ve ever had. Without her, I wouldn’t have even thought of reaching for this goal. Lisah, with tears running down my cheeks, I want to thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for selflessly pushing me to achieve something most never will. Thank you for being such an amazing coach and person.” Brian Madden

The first thing I thought when I saw this course was wow!. I’ve never seen anything like it. After I read the awareness guide in module 1, I knew I’d never be the same. You opened my eyes to a different way of looking at myself, my circumstances and the world…..I realize the only person I can change is me and now I have guidelines to do that. The audios that go with the course are fantastic. Their fluff-free nature really appealed to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for making a difference in my life…”  Tom Casano of Life Coach Spotter

“Your work has been such an inspiration for me on so many levels. I’ve been following your blog and your journey for several years and am continually awed at your perspective and passion for sharing it with others. You have a knack of breaking transformation into smaller steps with practical actions. Your journey, courage and commitment to helping others has inspired me in ways I can’t fully describe. This course embodies your passion for helping others and I can feel the love, care and attention that went into it. Thank you for being so open and approachable. ” Mike Carnes

“I think this course is phenomenal. I paid $5000.00 to go to school to learn what you are teaching..” ~ Michele Guess Michelle Guess


Frequently Asked Questions
How Many Weeks is the Workshop
The workshop is 3 weeks long. We meet 2 days per week for 3 hours.
How is the Workshop Delivered
The workshop is delivered via presentations, live Q&A sessions and discussion, assignments and worksheets and a 30 minute one-to-one personal session with me.
Do I Need to Bring Anything to the Workshop
No. Just yourself and an open mind.
Why Are There a Limited Number of Spots
There are a limited number of spots so I can give each and every participant the highest level of energy, focus and commitment.