Welcome to 45 Days to Building Your Strong Running Body – No Gym Required!

Congratulations on making this investment in your running! The fact that you’ve enrolled in this course shows that you serious about doing what you can to become a stronger, faster, more injury-resistant runner and feel good while doing it.

For the next 45 days I am going to be your personal strength coach–a role I am excited about and take seriously. This is why I have designed the program the way that I have. Traditional strength programs put their emphasis on the number of repetitions and sets you can achieve, without paying much attention form, whereas performing slow, controlled movements with proper form is the primary focus in this program.

I don’t just want you to do the exercises, I want you to do them right! This is not about throwing a bunch of routines at you for you to figure out how to do. I break each routine down in extreme detail so that you not only know how it should look, but where in your body you should feel it. Some of the exercises will be familiar to you and others won’t. Don’t get discouraged. I want you to keep at it and perform them to the best of your ability. Over time, they will become easier. Consistency, persistence and patience do pay off.

In fact, I often say that the easiest part of being a runner is running. Sure, there are those days that we don’t feel like running, whether it’s super hot or freezing cold, but for the most part we are generally more enthusiastic about running than doing the ancillary stuff, such as strength and mobility work that help keep us running. I am here to help you do the ancillary work. I am here to help you get strong so that you can become the best runner you can be and feel good while doing it!

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Pinpoint your stability and mobility weaknesses and employ strategies to correct them.
  • Reduce the occurrence of common running injuries through targeted strength training with an emphasis on proper form.
  • Apply correct foam rolling technique for mobility, optimal recovery and injury prevention.
  • Understand your compensatory patterns and how they affect your running form.
  • Understand your running body and how it works to power you forward.
  • Run with a stronger, faster, more injury resistant body.

I look forward to helping you become a stronger, faster, more injury-resistant runner.

Reach out to me with any questions. I love helping runners as committed as you!

Course Materials

No materials are necessary to complete this course. However, the use of thera-bands, resistance bands and even additional weight can help to increase the challenge of any exercise.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Week 1: Welcome to the Program


Week 1: Injury Prevention Warmup


Week 1: Running Anatomy 101


Week 1: Self Assessment Tests


Week 2: Optimize Your Strength


Week 2: Important Strength Notes


Week 2: Your Strength Routines


Week 2: Strength Routines #1


Week 2: Optimize Your Mobility


Week 3: Strength Routines #2


Week 3: Optimize Your Form


Week 3: Optimize Your Posture


Week 4: Strength Routines #3


Week 4: Design Your Training Plan


Week 5: Strength Routines #4


Week 5: Optimize Your Nutrition


Week 6: Strength Routines #5


Week 6: Goal Setting & Visualization


Week 7: Strength Routines #6


Week 7: Injury Prevention Library


Week 7: Physical Therapy Corner


Course Wrap-Up