Shin splints are the very first injury I had. It is a catch all term used for inner or outer pain between the knee and the ankle.  Growing up a swimmer, I had these massive lungs that could go well beyond the capability of my body. My muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments, just weren’t used to the impact of running. In fact, I had shin splints so severely, my shins were not only tender to the touch, but were black and blue.

It was really frustrating because as new runner, all I wanted to do was run and feel good while doing it. I would later learn shin splints tend to afflict beginner runners and advanced runners who do too much too soon or change their running terrain suddenly. Overpronation (when your foot rolls in excessively) and an imbalance in calf and shin strength, can also affect your shins.

But you don’t have to suffer with shin splints. Once I figured out what to do, I never had them again.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What shin splints are
  • What causes shin splints
  • How shin splints can be treated
  • How to prevent shin splints
  • My experience with shin splints and how I overcame them

Inspirational segment

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