Today, I’m happy to bring you Conscious Runner Eric Hunley.

This episode holds a special place in my heart because I’m coaching Eric. Eric is attempting a Boston Qualifier at the 2014 Outer Banks Marathon in November.

Eric blames the band Deep Purple for getting him started in running.

Here’s what he says:

“Deep Purple got me to run. John Lord died in 2012 and I decided to listen to an early track (I never really cared for the band and Smoke on the Water got on my nerves from overplaying).

I discovered Scandinavian Nights (Live in Stockholm 1970) and the song A Child In Time. It is a 20+ minute cut and the dynamics are incredible. Very passionate. I couldn’t just walk I was so hyped. I actually ran a few blocks. Then back to walking. I did this a couple times in the walk.

I then started to incorporate a bit more running into my walking with the idea of being able to do a mile, then two miles which was the requirement for the Army Physical Fitness Test.

After I was able to run over two miles without stopping, I thought that it would be amazing to run 5K. I did it and kept doing it over and over.”

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Getting started with running later in life
  • How Eric went from running 2 miles to a marathon
  • How the Band Deep Purple tricked him into running
  • Holding yourself back when all you want to do is go
  • The importance of easy and hard days
  • How including strength training  in his routine has changed him
  • Running by feel
  • Training with a heart rate monitor
  • Taking necessary breaks for increased performance
  • How to manage life and running
  • Hampton Runner

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