In this episode, I talk to Denny Krahe of Denny currently lives in Lakeland, FL, although he’s a Michigander at heart (At least during the summer). In his words, Denny has an awesome wife, baby, and two dogs that keep him busy. As if Denny isn’t busy enough, he also owns the personal training site DK FitSolutions, hosts the DizRuns With podcast and is on a journey to complete a marathon in each state.

On the “Diz Runs With…” show, Denny speaks with a different guest in each show that is from the running world, whether a pro-runner, a celeb-runner, or someone with a great story to tell about themselves and running. The show doesn’t just focus on running only, Denny talks to guests about how running has shaped his guests to this point, and what they think their future holds.

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Denny went from hating running to loving it
  • How Denny through his first mileage goal of 728 Miles
  • The power of community
  • How the feeling after a run is always worthwhile
  • Chasing the runners high
  • Denny’s goal of completing a marathon in each state
  • The role of strength training and nutrition in Denny’s training
  • Using whole foods to fuel your runs

Inspirational Quote

[Open up your throttle and going as hard as you can ~Denny Krahe]

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