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The ONLY Running With Hip/
Knee OA Program


  • Running with hip/ knee is a progressive 12 week program specifically designed to recondition masters runners with hip and knee osteoarthritis to reduce/ eliminate pain, flareups and stiffness so you can run further and faster and more comfortably, even if it currently hurts to run one mile. 
  • Program includes comprehensive movement and running analysis, custom program design tailored to each individual, nutritional support, 1 to 1 personal live sessions, close monitoring, live weekly group Q&As, weekly accountability check-ins, 24/7 community support.

***Must have access to a gym.***

Start Date: February 15, 2022
Capped at 10 runners
Investment: $4999, $1800


Delivered by…

Dr. Brady Sandercock is a runner and sports physical therapist that has practiced since graduating with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from DeSales University in 2017.

Prior to attending PT school, he attended the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.

Lisah is a competitive runner of over 25 years doing distances from 800 meters to the marathon and a functional movement and peak performance coach.

As a coach, she’s helped hundreds of masters runners run injury-free, shave minutes off their personal bests and STAY injury-free so they can enjoy running for life!

This is a one time offer! Because we will be working so closely with you, spots are limited to 10 runners. Any questions, contact

We look forward to helping you!