Episode Summary

Hi Conscious Runners! Today we’ve got another amazing episode. It is how to create your future self. If you get this right, it will make a massive positive impact on your running and your life… but if you get this wrong, it will lead to more suffering. The #1 difference between runners who overcome chronic injury, get faster and stay injury-free fast, and the ones who continue to struggle for months or years… is the future they’ve created for their running and themselves. If you want to know how to do this too so you can enjoy running for life, tune in.

What You’ll Discover

  • How to create your future self even if you don’t know where to start
  • How to get crystal clear on what you want from your running and your life
  • A step by step plan to get you from where you are in your running right now (even if you’re not running at all) and life to where you want to be
  • How to set yourself up for massive success this year

Your Next Steps

If you’ve been dealing with injuries and sub-par performances for months or years and are ready to run pain-free, get faster and stay injury-free right now, go to consciousrunner.com/breakthrough, that’s consciousrunner.com/breakthrough and book a Free Body Breakthrough Session with us.

We will get on the phone with you for about 45 minutes and dive deep into what’s not working in your running and how that is impacting you and then we’ll take a look at your goals and the kind of running experience you want to create instead.

If all you need a tweak here or there we will tell you that. If you need more we will tell you that too.

The goal of the call is to give you massive value, massive clarity, massive insight and your next steps. And if you want to talk about working with us, great! We can talk about that too, if not, that’s fine.

Again, go to consciousrunner.com/breakthough/.

Look forward to speaking!

With care, Lisah