Hey Conscious Runners! I’ve got a super inspiring show for you. Today, my guest is Stephen Lee from Zerometers Running and The Average Runner Podcast. If you are want to using running to help lose weight, quit smoking, turn your life completely around or become a serial ultra-marathoner or trail runner, this episode is for you.

In February of 2014 Stephen was in his office and feeling like he was going to pass out. A longtime coworker and asked him if he was okay. Even though he said that he was, she took him to the local clinic, where he discovered that his blood pressure was through the roof at 215/160.

The doctors worried that he was about to stroke out and gave him a prescription, but the prescription did not agree with him. It was at that time that Stephen decided that enough was enough. He joined his local community center and started going to the gym everyday before work and drastically changing his diet. Although he was having good results, he was getting bored and craving something new.

A friend of his suggested he run a 5K charity race that his friend and his family were doing in a few weeks. At that time the most Stephen remembers doing was about 2 miles of fast walking on the treadmill. He did the race, and although he was exhausted after it, he fell in love with running (he had run back in my Army days but hated it then).

So he ran a few more 5Ks and did better at each one of them. The 5Ks turned into 15Ks and then Half Marathons, Full Marathons and in less than 2 years, Stephen has competed in an ultra marathon and is planning on running a 50 miler in April 2016.

I completely enjoyed this  interview and know you will too.

What we talk about

  • How a healthcare got him started running
  • Falling in love with ultra marathoning
  • Training and racing ultra-marathons
  • The treadmill as the perfect mental training
  • If something isn’t going right, deal with it right then
  • How distance running forces you to deal with issues

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.