Today I’ve got a fantastic interview for you! It’s with one of my good friends Sicco Rood of Meditation Freedom and the Meditation Freedom Podcast. I was interviewed for Sicco’s podcast when I was writing The Conscious Runner Book.

Sicco spent a good portion of his childhood and early adulthood struggling to understand and appreciate the point of life and the pain we cause each other. He also felt very alienated and separate and had a sense of being, “bad”.  He was so miserable at one point as a teen, that he tried to find a meditation solution to help him escape life.

Fortunately, through great meditation teachings and practice (with ethical, wise, and compassionate teachers and community), Sicco learned to savor, enjoy, and become more intimate with the present and loosen the conditioned boundaries that kept him in a self-limited prison of his own own mind.

What we talk about

  • What is meditation
  • What led him to a meditative practice
  • How meditation can help you in your running
  • The challenges of learning to meditate
  • The power of retreats
  • Conscious Running

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Your Next Steps

Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.