Hey Conscious Runners! I’m so excited to bring this episode to you. Today, I’ve got vegan, ultra marathoner and founder of No Meat Athlete, Matt Frazier on the mic with me. I am a long time fan of what Matt’s doing for the running community. His site is a great reminder that one approach doesn’t fit everyone. No matter what your diet is, you can make it work with running.

Matt got started running in one of the most interesting ways. One day, he and some friends of his got the idea to run a marathon. This was interesting because Matt had hated running his whole life. But here he was, training to run his first marathon an on top of it he was going after a Boston qualifier. But that didn’t happen, he missed the mark by 104 minutes. This really hit him hard. But it wasn’t surprising, he knew nothing about running, his training was terrible, his pacing was terrible, the whole thing was a mess. He could not believe he was that far off from the qualifying time. It really caused him to take a good hard look at himself.

It was at that time the seed to do everything he could to qualify for the Boston Marathon was planted. He wanted to be the kind of person who could achieve such a feat. So, with relentless pursuit, be began to chase that goal. But it wasn’t smooth ride, his lack of running, training, form knowledge led to a cycle of injury and recovery. He read books, followed plans, got advice and made adjustments to his training, form and mindset and 4 years later, he was finally able to complete another marathon and yes, qualify for Boston.

But that wasn’t enough, he wanted to push his mind and body even further, he became a vegan, runner, ran a 100 miler and inspires others every day.

What We Talk About

  • Guilt around feeling pain and feeling tired as a runner
  • Running and mediation
  • Becoming a vegetarian runner
  • How eating differently gave him more energy and help keep injury away
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Running 100 miles in 28 hours
  • Not giving up
  • Relentless pursuit of qualifying for the Boston marathon
  • Training smart

Links From the Show

Quotes by Matt Frazier

[Tweet “”It doesn’t have to be stressful if you do it gradually” ~Matt Frazier”]

[Tweet “”You don’t get super powers on race day” ~Matt Frazier”]

Your Next Steps

Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.