Hey Conscious Runners! Welcome to another amazing interview. Today, I have runner and co-founder of Chi Running, Danny Dreyer on the line with me. Danny is an accomplished Ultra Marathon runner (races longer than a marathon) and has raced every distance from a 10K to 100 miles. He has successfully completed 40 ultra-marathons since 1995, finishing in the top 3 in his age group in all but one. In August 2005 he placed second in his age group in the USATF National 50k Championships.

He  has lived a lifestyle steeped in holistic living, meditation, and personal wellness for over 30 years. Healthy eating, physical exercise and rejuvenating activities are mainstays in his life and the foundation of what he teaches. Danny is also one of the artists on the Running Deep album of guided meditations for runners that I’ve been raving about. So, if you haven’t had a chance to get that album, be sure you test out a few of the sample tracks to see if its something that can enlighten your running.

What We Talk About

  • Why Danny started running and why he runs today
  • The evolution of chi running
  • Running without using your legs
  • Running with grace and ease
  • Running as a mind body practice
  • Using running as his mobile office, his creative space, to build stillness
  • Getting faster without working harder
  • Making running a meditative practice

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Quotes by Danny Dreyer

[Tweet “”Running is my creative space to build stillness” ~Danny Dreyer”]

[Tweet “”Make running an intuitive sense of mind, body movement” ~Danny Dreyer”]

[Tweet “”It doesn’t have to be gut wrenching, ever” ~Danny Dreyer”]

Your Next Steps

Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.