“By listening to myself, I was able to achieve amazing things” ~Julia Chi Taylor


Hey Conscious Runners! As always, I’ve got another fantastic interview for you. Today, former elite runner, mentor, healer and founder of  Running Conscious, Julia Chi Taylor and I sit down for a chat about me. Yes, that’s right. The tables have been turned and I’m being interviewed. My name is Lisah. I am a masters runner, mother, author, certified running coach and the heart and soul behind The Conscious Runner. Using a mind, body and soul approach to running, I help you become a stronger, faster, more injury-resistant runner and feel GREAT while doing it!

I wasn’t always a runner. I was a competitive swimmer for over 15 years, with my highpoint being the 1994 Middle Atlantic Conference champion in the 50 meters freestyle. While waiting for swim season to start in college, I figured I’d give cross country a try. The feeling I got after completing my first run was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. From that point on, I was hooked. But it wasn’t always a smooth ride. I had these massive lungs that allowed me to run for what seemed like forever, but my body wasn’t able to handle the impact demands of running. Muscle imbalances, weakness, training errors and less than optimal running form led to one injury after another. I’ve had everything from stress fractures, to patella tendinitis, to IT BAND syndrome, to SI joint pain to plantar fasciitis.

Through it all, I was able to achieve a 1:16:32 half marathon, a 35:23 10k and a 2:43:59 marathon, compete in the 2003 and 2004 World Cross Country Championships in Switzerland and Belgium and almost qualify for the 2004 Athens Olympic marathon. So I know the frustration that comes from not being able to run when you want to run. I know the excitement of getting close to a goal race only to be derailed by injury weeks before. I know what it feels like to sacrifice other things you enjoy, only to have your running dreams not come to fruition. I know what it’s like to deal with an overly critical mind.

I completely enjoyed my interview with Julia and know you will too.

What We Talk About

  • How I got started running
  • Running at a highly competitive level
  • Chasing the approval of others
  • The importance of knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Conscious running

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be present.