“If you want to be a lifelong athlete, you have to approach every day like you’re a life long athlete” ~ Dr. Justin Ross


Hey Conscious Runners! Guess what! Yes, I’ve got another amazing interview for you! I’ve got runner and sports psychologist Dr. Justin Ross on the line with me. I was so excited about meeting and chatting with him. A lot of running focuses on what we do with our body, but equally, if not more important is the training that needs o happen with our mind.

After all, nothing happens with out our mind. It is our mind that tells us to go get our shoes, put them on , lace them up and get out the door. It is our minds that push us up challenging hills and it is our minds that convince us we need to stop running even when our bodies can give more. Our mindset is the difference between the life we are living and the life we want to live.

Dr. Ross is a founding  member of MindBodyHealth and is passionate about health psychology. He specializes in a number of health psychology related areas, including sports and performance psychology, pain management, eating disorders, stress reduction, and mindfulness based interventions. Dr. Ross believes that we all have the capacity to better understand ourselves and develop the ability to self-regulate; that a lot of our own healing, self-satisfaction, and success is shaped by our internal self-talk.

In addition to running, Dr. Ross is also passionate about cycling, triathlon, camping, hiking and skiing. He is often training for his next marathon or triathlon and loves helping athletes optimize their training and performance in achieving their goals. He has qualified for the 2017 Boston Marathon. He lives in Denver with his wife and 2 children.

What We Talk About

  • Reducing stress for better running
  • Get into our head about what numbers mean
  • Impact of injury on mind
  • Releasing attachment to time and pace
  • Being a lifelong athlete

Quotes by Dr. Justin Ross

[Tweet “”We can’t change what we’re not aware of” ~Dr. Justin Ross”]

[Tweet “”The only moment you can live is the one you’re in right now” ~Dr. Justin Ross”]

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