Hey Conscious Runners! Yes, I’ve got another amazing interview for you today! It is with runner, speaker and coach Martinus Evans. In July 2012, Martinus  weighed approximately 360 lbs (He didn’t know his exact weight because all the scales he stepped on stopped working at 350 lbs.). One day he walked into work and felt a sharp pain in his hip (the pain was so intense it literally brought tears to his eyes). He went to his primary care doctor who recommended physical therapy.

After 20 or so weeks of therapy the pain was still there. So Martinus went to an orthopedic specialist who told him he was fat and that he needed to start walking and losing weight. Feeling angry and embarrassed that the doctor called him “Fat”, he responded, “Screw walking, I’ll run a marathon.” Martinus left the doctor’s office, got himself a pair of running shoes and created his blog 300 Pounds and Running. The initial goal of his blog was to document his journey to eating right, losing weight, and running a marathon–all of which he’s accomplished. Now, Martinus uses what he learned to help others do the same.

If you’ve ever thought there wasn’t something you couldn’t do, this episode is for you!

What We Talk About

  • How he put on weight
  • Running at 360 pounds
  • Always being the biggest guy in the room
  • How Martinus went from 360 pounds and out of shape to running a marathon
  • The power of positive thinking, support and mantras
  • Believing in yourself and achieving your goals
  • The joy of running and helping others

Quotes By Martinus Evans

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be present.