Hey Conscious Runners! Yes, its that time again! I’ve got another fantastic episode of The Conscious Runner podcast for you! Today Kari Gormley from the Running Lifestyle and I sit down and chat it out about things running and life. Kari and I have been trying to connect for the few months. First I had tech issues, then the holidays came, then she had tech issues. It was one challenge after another. But all the while I knew we were destined to meet.

Last week we finally connected. And you’re not going to believe this! While she was interviewing me, she asked where I went to college, when I told her she said it was in her back yard. At which point I said, where are you? It turns out we live less than an hour from each other. How amazing is that? I interview guests from all over the world and to be able to connect with one who is physically so close is nothing short of a representation of the magic of the Universe.

Kari is a runner, wife and mom on a mission to maintain the running lifestyle while balancing everything else in life, including family, career and wellness. In her words, the most important thing running has taught her is that running is not about being the fastest person in her age group – even though she would be really excited if she ever placed in my age group and have a lot of respect for people who do! For her, running is also not about pushing her body beyond a healthy state! It is is a journey. It is a way is a way to take care of her mind, body and spirit and make healthier choices all around.

What We Talk About

  • How she fell in love in running
  • The importance of asking yourself why you run
  • The importance of not comparing  yourself with others
  • The importance of strength training
  • What it means to be a “real” runner
  • The myth of weight loss and running

Quotes By Kari Gormley

[Tweet “”You can make running whatever you want” ~Kari Gormley”]

[Tweet “”Running is a great way to create memories” ~Kari Gormley”]

[Tweet “”You don’t need to be a marathoner to be a runner” ~Kari Gormley”]

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