Hey Conscious runners!

Of course I’ve got another fanstatic episode for you. Today, I chat it up with Dr. David Geir, an orthopedic and sports medicine specialist who practices in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Despite being an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Geir first tries to treat injuries without surgery. He does this through activity modification, physical therapy, injections, taping and more. A lot of the times, we runners don’t know how serious an injury is until it literally forces us to stop running. And even then, we try to limp along. So one of the things Dr. Geir has done is to put together a checklist that helps athletes determine how serious an injury is and and what signs suggest they visit a doctor or orthopedic surgeon,  You can download the checklist from his web site for free. As someone who is passionate about injury prevention and recovery, I recommend do that as soon as you can.

I complete enjoyed my chat with Dr. David Geier and hope you will too. So listen in as I drop you into the conversation between Dr. Geir and I.

What we talk about

  • Importance of preventing injuries in first place
  • Fixing problems instead of managing them
  • What is too much too fast too soon
  • Book that’s gotta hurt
  • Developing young athletes safely

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be present.