How to Quiet Your Mind and Fully Experience Each Run. A Complete Training Program for Mind, Body and Soul.

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Hi Conscious Running Friend,

As always, my mission at The Conscious Runner is to help you become a stronger, faster, more injury-resistant runner and feel fantastic while doing it!

I’ve got a question for you.

Have you ever set out on a run and been bombarded by one thought after another?

Have you ever desired to achieve a goal, only to be sidelined by the voice in your head?

Have you ever wished this voice would just be quite or at least stop following you?

If it had mostly nice things to say, it would be okay. But it’s rhetoric is mostly negative and often harsh!

As someone who has been relentlessly challenged by an overly critical mind, I get it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There is something you can do about the chatterbox in your mind.

Using a conscious approach and sound training principles, The Conscious Runner book shows you EXACTLY how to quiet your mind and fully experience your run!

What other runners are saying about The Conscious Runner book:

“This is an excellent book. This book is written by an experienced runner. Being a long-distance runner will make us face our mind and all our thoughts. It will impact both our performance and enjoyment of the experience. Top performance requires more than physical training. You must combine the body and the mind in the training program. The book includes a comprehensive program covering the mind, the body and putting it all together. It is structured in lessons. It is very well written and formatted.”

Michel Dion

“This is a great book for runners trying to be more present and in the here and now. As in any other activity in life, it is of great benefit to ourselves, our work, and those we encounter, to be fully engaged in each step, each moment, and be in the present moment. In other words to really show up for the activity, you have to strengthen that muscle of presence and mindfulness.”

Sicco Rood

“This book is not just for runners! It’s for every fitness enthusiast who have experienced the zone and want to repeat that experience on demand. If you’ve ever ran into “the wall” and want to go over it, this book is the book for you! As an avid crossfitter, I’ve used the tips and tricks in this book to help me enjoy the running part of the game. And similar to running, there are days when WODs are grinders. The I’ve channeled the lessons I learned in this book to help me get through those grinding WODs.”

Shenna Tolentino-Uon