Finally! A Conscious Approach to Running!
Introducing…. The Conscious Runner Training System

Using a mind, body, soul approach and sound training principles, The Conscious Runner Training System helps you….

Prevent Injury


Get Faster




Who Am I?

My name is Lisah. I am a masters runner, mother, author, certified running coach and the heart and soul behind The Conscious Runner Training System. As a competitive runner of over 20 years, I’ve had everything from shin splints, to IT Band pain, to knee pain (patella tendonitis) to anxiety, worry and stress. In spite of it all, I was able to achieve a 1:16 Half Marathon and a 2:43 Marathon. It wasn’t until I began performing running-specific strength and mobility exercises and incorporating what I call conscious running that I was able to achieve my highest, most consistent mileage ever an feel fantastic while doing it. I put this system together to share it all with you.

What’s Inside The Conscious Runner Training System

Lessons for Transformation:

Strength Training & Injury Prevention  

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Lesson 2: Important Notes About the Program
Lesson 3: Anatomy 101-Understanding Your Running Body
Lesson 4: Mobility & Stability Self Assessments & Strategies
Lesson 5: Week 1 – Introductory Strength Phase
Lesson 6: Week 2 – Introductory Strength Phase
Lesson 7: Week 3 – Strength Phase
Lesson 8: Week 4 – Strength Phase
Lesson 9: Week 5 – Power Phase
Lesson 10: Week 6 – Power Phase
Lesson 11: Injury Prevention Video Library
Lesson 12: Course Wrap-Up
Bonus: Foam Rolling for Recovery & Injury Prevention

Running Form Optimization

Lesson 1: Course Overview
Lesson 2: Understanding the Gait Cycle
Lesson 3: Running Form Assessment & Corrective Strategies
Lesson 4: Posture Assessment & Corrective Strategies
Lesson 5: Essential Form Drills I
Lesson 6: Course Wrap-Up
Bonus: Core Essentials I
Bonus: Yoga for Conscious Running I

Conscious Training Plans for Optimal Performance

Topic 1: Training Plan
Topic 2: Base Building Mileage Program
Topic 3: How to Adapt Your Schedule to YOU
Topic 4: How to Determine How Efforts Should Feel
Topic 5: How to Calculate Training Paces
Topic 6: How to Track Your Workouts
Topic 7: How to Perform a Proper Warm-Up/ Cool-Down
Topic 8: How to Calculate Hydration Needs
Topic 9: How to Prevent Injury
Topic 10: How to Stretch Properly
Topic 11: How to Have Your Best Race
And more….

Conscious Guides for Motivation/ Mindset/ Goal Setting

Topic 1: 51 Ways to Get Motivated Now
Topic 3: The Path to Doing What You Love
Topic 4: Your Epic Goals Primer
Topic 5: Affirmation and Self Reflection Pack

What You’re About to Discover:

  • Progressive, action-packed, 6-week, injury prevention course designed to help you become a more injury resistant runner in 45 days.
  • Running-specific, mobility & stability self assessment tests designed to help you find those weak/tight areas, but correct them.
  • How to master foam rolling for recovery and injury prevention.
  • How to identify and release trigger points
  • How to unlock your body’s healing wisdom
  • How to prevent the most common running injuries
  • How to assess your running form, spot any major deviations and employ strategies to correct them.
  • Running-specific drills that focus on the unique phases of the running gait.
  • More…

New Monthly Content

  • Exclusive Newsletter
  • Monthly Clinics (strength, training, mindset, nutrition)
  • Private Facebook Group

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What Other Conscious Runners Are Saying…
“Funny, and I almost hate to put this into writing but before I “met” you or started strength training my training consisted of no warmup, no cool down, and, of course, zero strength training. As such, I would feel tight and sore after every run which would continue throughout the following days. Simple tasks, such as getting out of bed, standing up after sitting for a while, and walking were all experienced with varying degrees of pain and lethargy. Now, I notice that I am no longer tight in the days and evenings after my runs, I get out of bed with more pep, and I no longer limp around the office after sitting at my desk for long periods. Thank you so much for helping me.” Jesse O.

“I am grateful today that you suggested foam rolling when I had my gluteus issues this spring I was sceptic but it cured my glutes issues. Thursday I had physicl training and our instructor pushed us hard, my legs were as sore as after a 50K ultra race, I am not kidding. I have foam rolled 2 times yesterday and 2 times today and am so much better. What a life saver”

Gabriella Lundh

“I been anticipating a good update for you. Just finished the first day on upper body segment and doing some of the additionals. OK, just letting you know that you are awesome! I ran a 10K this weekend, Vulcan Run in Birmingham. My legs and body felt great the whole time and I was able to run freely and hard and really enjoyed it. I’m gonna post a plug on your website. This same race last year was my first 10K, my pace in it was 9:43; 58th in my age group and 770 overall. This years result, 7:52 pace, 14th in my age group and 211 overall. My goal now is to break the top 10 somewhere. I’m sticking with it. Thank you for everything.” Frank Barry

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

I want to make this decision risk-free for you, so that you can train with the consistency you deserve. If you do the entire program as planned and you don’t see results, I’ll give you 100% of your money back.


Frequently Asked Questions…
1. I just started running. Does strength training really matter?
Absolutely! A Conscious Runner Membership can help you especially if you just started running. As you become more interested in running longer and farther, you are going to have to approach running holistically and 
2. I am a masters runner. Does this program apply to me?
HECK YEAH! As a masters athlete, it is especially important to strength train (we loose muscle mass as we age)!
3. Does this mean I'll never be injured again?
Running, like any sport, comes with injury. However, strength training can prevent many of them.
4. I consider myself a serious runner. Will I get anything out of this?
Yes! The routines are divided into beginners and advanced (those who have strength trained before). And if you don’t feel like you got something out of it, I’m happy to refund you.
5. Can I still run while I’m going through the courses?
Yes. Although, where you are in your training and racing season should be taken into consideration (i.e., you don’t want to go into your peak race sore from a strength training session.
6. Is there any equipment I need to participate?
No. Just your body. However, therabands, wobble boards, weight and stability balls can help to make exercises more challenging.

Just $29/ Month