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Ready to Run Pain-Free and Never Worry About Injury Again?


Hi There!

My name is Lisah. I’m a competitive runner of over 20 years, a running coach and strength and injury prevention trainer.

My specialty is helping runners run pain-free, get faster and stay injury free.

Every day I hear from runners who are running in pain. I’ll get a Facebook message from someone whose injury forced them to stop running weeks before their goal race. Or, I’ll get an email from someone who is so miserable in their body, running is no longer enjoyable.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you waking up in the morning with foot pain so bad walking across your bedroom hurts, and wondering how the heck am I going to run my 5k this weekend?
  • Have you been to every physical therapist within a 50 mile radius and Googled till your eyeballs hurt, trying every fix from lacrosse balls to dry needling.
  • Has your pain gotten so bad you’ve even wondered if you would be forced to stop running?

If any of this sounds like you, I have good news! None of these things are the Real Problem. The Real Problem is you haven’t made, what I like to call “The Shifts”. And once you make them, you’ll get out of pain, get faster and stay injury free.

To learn how to apply “The Shifts” to your running, starting today, watch my FREE training: The 5 Step Game Plan My Clients Use to Run Pain-Free, Improve Their PRs, and Stay Injury Free, Even If They’ve Been in Pain For Months or Years.

With Care, Lisah

What others are saying…

“Funny, and I almost hate to put this into writing but before I “met” you or started strength training my training consisted of no warmup, no cool down, and, of course, zero strength training. As such, I would feel tight and sore after every run which would continue throughout the following days. Simple tasks, such as getting out of bed, standing up after sitting for a while, and walking were all experienced with varying degrees of pain and lethargy. Now, I notice that I am no longer tight in the days and evenings after my runs, I get out of bed with more pep, and I no longer limp around the office after sitting at my desk for long periods. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Jesse O. - Age 38

“Lisah, this is a magnificent piece of work . Oh my God Lisah, you just sent my motivation level through the roof . This information is “Holy Grail” for runners. I applaud you and thank you so much . I am excited to see the outcome , I can almost taste it.”
Julio Serrant - Age 63

“I am grateful today that you suggested foam rolling when I had my gluteus issues this spring I was sceptic but it cured my glutes issues. Thursday I had physicl training and our instructor pushed us hard, my legs were as sore as after a 50K ultra race, I am not kidding. I have foam rolled 2 times yesterday and 2 times today and am so much better. What a life saver”

Gabriella Lundh - Age 40

“I went to my chiropractor and massage therapist yesterday. For the first time my massage therapist didn’t tell me how tight my legs were. She even said, “For a runner your legs aren’t very tight, even your IT band.” For the first time my massage wasn’t a torture session. This is my peak week of training for my half marathon and one would expect otherwise.”

Patricia Tuttle Russell - Age 47

“This weekend’s long run went FANTASTIC. No hip pain and I ran strong. This is the first time I have run 10 miles since embarking on the strength routine and I was a little nervous at first. However, after mile 3 (mile 3 usually is the threshold for me when I find my pace and rhythm) I felt great and found myself running strong. I anticipated a 2 hour run but I finished 15 minutes early and did the speed work you recommended to the last 10 minutes. Again, I felt wonderful!”

Jesse O. - Age 38