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Jill’s Story

Name: Jill

Age: 54

Years Running: 5 years

Jill had an injury for each of the five years she’d been running. The first two years it was knee pain, followed by fascia pain the third year and then hamstring pain that just wouldn’t go away.

She tried to overcome it through strength training, rest, ice, compression, elevation, chiropractic interventions and massage. Nothing gave her the results she hoped for. And, as if that wasn’t disappointing enough, she’d qualified for the Boston marathon but because of her injury, she would have been unable to run it that year. (Ironically, the Boston Marathon was rescheduled that year because of COVID).

Tired of not getting the results she hoped for, she reached out to us for help. Within a few weeks Jill’s hamstring pain resolved and she was able to run the 2020 Boston marathon injury-free!

Watch Jill’s story to discover exactly how we helped her go from chronic hamstring pain to completing the Boston Marathon Injury-free.

Name: Kevin

Age: 50+

Years Running: Less than 2 years

Kevin had been running for less than two years.

Kevin reached out to us struggling with Achilles tendon pain, tight hips and groin pain. To hear him describe it, it hurt ALL the time and especially when he stood up from a sitting position. His injuries not only affected his running, but his day-to-day life as well.

 He tried to resolve his injuries by stretching, rest, foam rolling, changing his running form, BioFreeze gel, anti-Inflammatories, KT Tape and use of compression gear.   None of these interventions yielded the results he’d hoped for. What he got instead was increased frustration along with the ongoing pain from the unresolved issues related to his injuries.

His goals of running 100 miles per month, a sub 21 minute 5k and more half marathons seemed far out of reach given the injuries and ongoing pain he was experiencing.

We mapped out a 10 week plan for Kevin and guided him through its implement. In less than 1 week he was 100% injury-free!

Watch Kevin’s story to discover exactly how we helped him go from months and months of chronic groin pain to injury-free in one week.

Kevin’s Story

Edward’s Story

Name: Edward

Age: 40+

Years Running: 10+ Years

In Edward’s story what started out as one injury quickly cascaded into many. Now had come to include hip flexor pain, hamstring pain, knee pain, hip pain and low back pain over a 5 year period.

For years Edward desperately tried to push through his injuries using stretching, strength training, by changing his running shoes, going to physical therapy, straps, bands, and more, yet his injuries got worse. Ultimately the pain from his injuries got so bad that he was forced to stop running for a couple years. The pain never went away. Then he came to us!

After 2 weeks of working together with us Edward was no longer waking up in pain. At 5 weeks he was experiencing no pain in his left hip flexor or hamstring. This was something he hadn’t experienced in 5 years. At 7 weeks he ran a 5K and was looking forward to many, many more!

Watch Edward’s story to discover exactly how we helped Edward go from years of hip flexor pain, hamstring pain, knee pain and low back pain to running a 5K just 7 weeks later.

Name: Tim

Age: 59

Years Running: 10+ Years

When Tim came to us he was experiencing knee pain, pain on the outside of his lower leg above his ankle which was most concerning for him. He also had osteoarthritis in the hip. 

He LOVED to run, but every time he tried, his pain would force him to stop. The pain would then linger for 2-3 days afterwards. The ONLY time Tim was running was during his Crossift workouts. That was no more than 400 meters.  But even that he said was excruciating.

Over the last 5 years, Tim had gone to multiple physical therapists. He also tried chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, strength-training, stretching, ice and TENS machines and more. 

He was skeptical that there was anything that could help him. Nonetheless, he entered our program; we mapped out a 10 week reconditioning plan for Tim and helped him implement it. Five 5weeks later he was able to run 2 miles pain-free and was excited about running again! 

Watch Tim’s story to discover exactly how we helped him go from running 400 meters in excruciating pain to two miles pain-free in 5 weeks.

Tim’s Story

Julio’s Story

Name: Julio

Age: 62

Years Running: 10+ Years

Julio was 62 years old and a Court Officer II at the Supreme Court of Florida and a Staff Sergeant/ SSG at the U.S. Army.

When Julio came to us he had been suffering from debilitating plantar fasciitis (PF) for two years. He had just gotten out of an immobilization boot and was on the verge of giving up running.

He tried doctors, physical therapists, conventional cures, herbs, rest, medications, immobilization, reducing his miles, cycling, stretching, turmeric, rubber bands, balance balls, foam rolling, a Strasberg sock, compression, ice, prayer and more. YET he had not gotten the results he hoped for.

He reached out to us. We started working together and within 45 days Julio related that he felt 70% better. Moreover, in the last 3 years has run approximately 15 marathons and 8 half marathons, is to training with his buddies again. He says that he is  happier and most of all able to continue doing something he loves.

Watch Julio’s story to discover exactly how we helped him go from debilitating foot pain to averaging 4 full marathons and 8 half marathons per year.