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“This is my first post to the group…Nice to meet everyone! Two of my loves are running and yoga. I’m currently training for my first half marathon and today was a rest day, which means yoga for this yogini! Beautiful morning meditation and hatha yoga practice. Today’s practice focused on loving your perfectly imperfect self. My day job is being an attorney (a VERY stressful job that does not lend itself to health or balance).

For years I did not take care of myself physically as I should have. Over the last almost year (May 5 will mark the one year of the beginning of my serious work to take control of my health and it was the first “run” of my running journey), I’ve worked toward shaping myself into the best imperfect version of myself I can be. All of this flooded through my mind this morning during my practice … how far I’ve come and what an amazing year it has been. Nothing but gratitude for this past year’s progress. Happy Friday, everyone! Gearing up for training runs this weekend: 4 miles on Saturday and 7 miles on Sunday.”

Christina M.

“Had a fantastic run yesterday. I really surprised myself because I was really not feeling like doing any kind of exercise especially getting off the BART Train after work; I swear that taking the commuting trains suck the life out of me, hahaha. However, I got home and decided to warm up with a 30 min kick-boxing workout on my punching bag in my backyard. After pouring down sweat, I started feeling great. I made my way to the gym for a 30 min bike ride, then went all out on the treadmill for 40 minutes. I usually do a long distance run at the 5.8 setting. However, I was feeling cheeky, and just went for a start run of 6.0 and did a 5k gradually working up to a 6.5 setting. Then the last 5 min I turned it up to 7.0. Feeling great! Tonight’s goal is to do some weight lifting.”

Tarra M.

“Just want to thank Lisah and CR members, Family and Friends for being so supportive in my running ventures. I hobbled across the finish line yesterday in Chicago at 6:00 hrs and it was a combination of crowd support and members like Lisah and you all that helped me through my 12 month journey with PF . I had to stop almost every mile to stretch but it was worth every minute of it . Thank you all for all your love and attention.

Julio Serrant (Oct. 10 2016)