The Conscious Runner PodcastToday, I bring you part two of Steve Carmichael’s  story of how he went from being overweight, having fatty liver disease and being a borderline diabetic to a passionate runner,  RRCA certified running coach, USA Track and Field-Level 1 certified coach and  founder of the RunBuzz community.

To say running has transformed his life would be an understatement.

Steve is also the host of the Start Running Podcast and The Marathon Training podcast on iTunes and has helped train thousands of runners locally and around the world in distances from 5 feet, to 5k to 50k.

Steve’s mission is to introduce 1 million people to running.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Borderline diabetic to running coach starting a running club
  • The importance of having a coach
  • 3 Pillars of training
  • Total body running
  • Combating lack of motivation
  • Strength training & Flexibility
  • Importance of nutrition
  • Importance of joining a running club
  • How Steve’s evolved as a coach
  • RunBuzz (Run Buzz is about creating connections to support, motivate and inspire each other. It’s about together, sharing our passion, our struggles, and our message that running is awesome!)

Inspirational segment

In the inspirational segment I share an inspiring quote.

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