Today, I’m happy to bring you Katrina Elle of

Katrina is a runner, personal trainer, motivator and one of the most positive people I’ve met online. To say her journey is inspiring would be an understatement. Katrina’s been down the road of fat burners and get-fit-quick diets that would work at first, only to have the pounds return.

She discovered transformation meant doing it the hard way, the healthy way, though proper eating and working out!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Katrina’s journey into fitness
  • Insanity Max Interval training
  • PIYO (push-ups, squats lunges Yoga
  • The importance of form when strength training
  • Why runners need to work their upper body
  • Breaking things up to get stronger
  • The trans-formative power of fitness
  • Put in some work and eat
  • The importance of eating whole food
  • Making time to prepare quality meals
  • When you get cravings your body is missing something
  • If you’re in a comfortable place get out of it
  • Katrina Elle

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