In this episode I chat with Julia Hanlon from Running on Om and the Running on Om Podcast.

I first stumbled across Julia’s site several months ago and was recently reminded about it from a fellow Conscious Runner. When I went back to Julia site, I knew I had to interview her.  Not only was I drawn to Julia as a runner, but as a person. Julia is 23 years old and wise beyond her years.

Julia’s two main loves are yoga and running. She began practicing yoga at the age of 16, fell in love with running mid-college, but did not start running competitively until her senior year. Through yoga and running, Julia has found personal growth, deep joy, and amazing communities.

Julia’s attention to detail in regards to her running, nutrition, yoga and meditation practices is inspiring and something we can all learn from.

I’m excited to share this episode with you and am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of going beyond the edge
  • Techniques for pushing through pain & discomfort
  • The importance of tracking your strength work and making it fun
  • How yoga makes you a better runner
  • A yoga pose for quick recovery
  • The power of story telling
  • The importance of being purposeful about your training
  • Inside Nike running camps and Coach Jay Johnson
  • Running on Om
  • Running on Om Podcast
  • Coach Jay Johnson
  • Boulder Running Camps

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