Hey Conscious Runners! It’s almost February, and that means my challenge month is here! I’m excited to be participating in 2015 Fit Challenge and delivering this awesomeness to you!

So, get ready to hit the floor and start bridging! Bridges not only build strength, but stability. More specifically, they work your belly, butt and hips like no other! I’m telling you, your running will THANK YOU!

The Prize

And if a strong core isn’t cool enough, February’s prize provided by Hanson’s Coaching Services and Final Surge is a training plan of your choice on Final Surge! Woot! Woot! But you must sign up through 2015 Fit Challenge to be eligible for the awesome prize!

The bridge challenge will take you from 20 second bridges per day to 2 minute bridges by the end of the month. But, don’t worry, rest days are built in. The goal of this challenge isn’t to break you or have you do hundreds of bridges with less than optimal form. Good form is of the utmost importance and should be your primary focus.

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How to perform a bridge:

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor, about hip width apart. Your feet should be in a comfortable position– not too close or far from your butt. Experiment with different placements of your feet to find the best fit.

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Exhale: Keep  your upper body still. Press your feet into the floor  and squeeze your butt as you lift your hip. Only come up high enough that your body makes a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Avoid going up so high you are not able to see your knees.
  3. Inhale: Hold your Bridge position.
  4. Exhale: Squeeze your glutes, while extending through your hips.
  5. Inhale: Continue holding your Bridge position.
  6. Exhale: Lower yourself to the floor while keeping your spine in neutral position.

Download the 28 Day Bridge Challenge schedule here.

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For additional challenge, try the following:

  • Perform single leg bridges
  • Draw your knees in and out at the height of your bridge
  • Raise and lower your heels at the height of your bridge

And remember, running is always more fun when you feel good!