Hey Conscious Runners! I’m so excited to bring you this episode. Today, I’ve got runner, editor at Trail Runner Magazine and creator of the Mindful Running Training system and running and wellness retreats.

Using a mindful approach to training and recovery, Elinor helps runners break free from cycles of chronic injury, burnout and the constant struggle to reach fitness and racing goals.

Elinor’s Mindful Running Training System will help you find your training “sweet spot,” where you are doing just the right amount necessary to reach your goals while maintaining optimal health. This approach emphasizes the importance of building a foundation of good health upon which to build fitness.

As a result, you will be able to reach new levels of fitness and running success while become injury resistant, cultivating more energy, more time for rest, sleep and self care.

I completely enjoyed my chat with Elinor and know you will too.

What we talk about

  • How she became an ultra runner
  • Running her first 100 miler
  • Going from fatigued and burned out to feeling good
  • The importance of having a support network
  • The effects of mental stress on our bodies
  • The Mindful Running Training System
    • Mindful Running Manual
    • Mindful Running 16-Week Training Log
    • Worksheets and Plans
    • Recovery and Running Readiness Assessments
  • Recovering after workouts
  • Prioritizing self care
  • How to experience true health as a runner

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.