Hey, Conscious Runners! Today I’ve got another fantastic interview for you! I’ve got runner, meditator and producer of guided meditations for runners, Jack Thompson! I met Jack a few weeks ago when he reached out to me about coming on the podcast. Jack is a part of a major running project that I absolutely LOVE. A few years ago, I searched the for guided mediations for runners. One site came up. It looked like the site hadn’t been updated since 2007. Before I bought the album, I decided to contact the site owners.

When I didn’t hear back, the second time, I gave up searching for guided meditation for runners.  So, when Jack approached me about Running Deep, I knew I had to interview him. While I was waiting for the interview, I listened to several tracks on the album and I LOVE THEM! Honestly, this album is a dream come true! It was exactly the kind of guided meditations I was looking for two years ago when I began my search. I am so excited about Runners Deep and sharing it with you! It’s got guided mediations that can be used for easy runs, harder workouts, recovery, stress reduction and sleep!

We talk about all this in the interview and much more.

What we talk about

  • Runners Meditation Album (Running Deep)
  • Running to loose weight
  • Being in the moment
  • How a morning run can keep your energy up all day
  • The joy of being off a training schedule
  • Making your running meditation practice intentional

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.