Hey Conscious Runners! As always, I’ve got another fantastic interview for you. I’ve got elite runner, mentor, healer and founder of  Running Conscious, Julia Chi Taylor on the other side of the mic with me. From a very young age Julia knew all she needed to do was to ‘run free’. To allow running take her where it wanted to. To stay in the step. To be in the moment and experience running as meditation on the move. But practicing it proved to be far more difficult. Julia found in mastering her running she became better equipped to master other aspects of life; especially relationships. Julia believes the better the relationship we have with ourselves, the better we are able to relate to one another. Julia sees all relationships as mirrors reflecting who we are. The clearer we are of past hurt and the emotional baggage, the more able we are to be in a relationship in the here and now.

Running Conscious was born from Julia’s own well spring of experience, years of running, years of exploring relationships and years of working in other people’s lives as a coach, mentor, healer, counsellor and educator.

I completely enjoyed my chat with Julia and know you will too.

What We Talk About

  • How Julia got started running and why she runs today
  • The evolution running conscious
  • Running as an elite athlete
  • Being at odd with drive and artistic and soul expression
  • Running for love and approval
  • Making running a meditative practice
  • Being in the gaps between thoughts
  • Pushing to hard



Links From the Show

Quotes by Julia Chi Taylor

[Tweet “”By listening to myself, I was able to achieve amazing things” ~Julia Chi Taylor”]

[Tweet “”When I started to push, things would always go wrong” ~Julia Chi Taylor”]

[Tweet “”The still points are where the truth of us resides” ~Julia Chi Taylor”]

[Tweet “”If we trust ourselves we can trust everything” ~Julia Chi Taylor”]

[Tweet “”I love to run faster, even though I’m slower” ~Julia Chi Taylor”]

Your Next Steps

Until next time, run strong, run long and be happy.