“Instead of asking “what do I want from life?,” a more powerful question is, “what does life want from me?” ~Eckhart Tolle


Hey Conscious Runners! Welcome to another episode of Soul Sessions with Lisah and Julia.  Soul sessions with Lisah and Julia is a monthly series on The Conscious Runner Podcast where Julia and I share honestly and openly about our running, ourselves and our lives. I met Julia earlier this year when I interviewed her for The Conscious Runner Podcast.

From a very early age, Julia and I have been on parallel journeys –from representing our respective countries at world class international running events, to questioning why we run, to our pursuit of inner freedom and adventure and the names of our sites– The Conscious Runner and Running Conscious. Julia is a runner, Transpersonal Performance Coach and Counsellor, where she works at the core level helping her clients move towards living with more peace, joy, creativity and fulfillment.

She is also an author. Her book Girlfriend for a Year charts the beginning of her relationship with her now husband Anadi.  And her book Running to Learn tells the compelling story of an international running career in which each step led towards healing and awareness. In this book, Julia shares her journey behind her unique and dynamic approach to life – the struggles behind the performances, her battle with an eating disorder and the challenges of her personal relationships.

One of the things I find fascinating about Julia is she is a nomad, traveling the world while remaining settled within.

I am so excited to bring these soul sessions to you. Although it is challenging for me to put myself out in such a personal way, I believe by hearing the stories of others, we affect our own. I hope you’ll find inspiration, motivation, understanding and connection as you listen in to the chat between Julia and I.

What We Talk About

  • Adventures with Josie her client
  • Slowing down time
  • Running towards pain
  • Stopping worry
  • Being settled within

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