“Are you in pain because you’re injured or are you injured because you’re in pain” ~ Jessica Leggio


Hey Conscious Runners, I’ve got another fantastic episode for you! Today I’ve got Jessica Marie Rose Leggio on the line with me.  As an athletic Functional Movement expert, Jessica helps runners with form, strength and conditioning and Injury Prevention. She is also the creator of the #RunPainFree Running Program. The #RunPainFree Running Program corrects dysfunctional movement patterns, to eliminate pain and get you running pain free.

It was amazing having a conversation with another woman who is so passionate about functional movement and helping runners run pain free. One of the things I really appreciate about Jessica is her bold commitment to truth and devotion to deeply serving others. Jessica works in Manhattan, New York and also does video consultations. If you are injured or want to break the cycle of injury or run faster, this episode is for you. So listen in as I drop you into the conversation between Jessica and I.

What We Talk about

  • What is functional movement and why it is important
  • Difference between a functional movement expert and physical therapy
  • Honoring the truth
  • Running pain free

Quotes By Jessica

“Are you in pain because you’re injured or are you injured because you’re in pain” ~ Jessica Leggio

“When the body is corrected it wants to function efficiently” ~ Jessica Leggio

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