The Conscious Runner Book Resources

Training for the Mind

  • The Conscious Runner Podcast: Jam packed with running tips, running advice and a whole lot of inspiration, The Conscious Runner Podcast brings you the information you need to take your running from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Whether you are training for your first 5k or have been running for decades, The Conscious Runner podcast will give you what you need to not only reach your goals, but more importantly, fantastic while doing it!

Training for the Body

  • Injury Prevention/ Strength Training: 6 week course delivered via text, audio and over 5 hours of high definition video with detailed explanations of ALL exercises. I personally guide you through each exercise ensuring that you maintain proper form and are using the “right” muscles to perform each movement.
  • Conscious Running Training Plans: Training plans based on sound training principles! You don’t have to stumble around wondering whether you’re running too fast, too slow, too much or too little. Based on science and truth, The Conscious Runner training plans are designed to help you gradually build running fitness so that you can safely reach your running goals.

Putting it Together

  • Running Deep: The best guided meditations for runners.  Running Deep will guide you in meditation as you run.  Created by the best meditation leaders in the world, Running Deep will help maximize your experience, both mentally and physically, each time you lace up your shoes and head out for your escape, your run. Get Running Deep here.
  • The Conscious Runner Academy: Free private Facebook Group for conscious runners like you
  • The Conscious Runner Coaching Program: A conscious program that takes all the guess work out of your training. As a certified running coach with over 20 years of competition experience, I look at your current fitness, injury profile, personal bests and goals and work meticulously to design a scientifically-based, realistic training program that’sright for you