• Are sick and tired of being in pain or repeating the cycle of injury and want to enjoy running for life. 
  • Want natural relief from chronic pain or stiffness without the unwanted side effects of medication.
  • Are frustrated with the usual run-around found in most healthcare systems and are looking for a proven system that has helped other runners like them overcome their chronic injuries and run pain-free.
  • Have been told to just “live with” their pain or that drugs, painful injections, surgery or giving up running are their ONLY options… and those options are unacceptable to them.
  • Value their running and their health more than anything and want to live life to the fullest without being sidelined by chronic pain or stiffness.
  • Have had expensive medical testing and now feel less hopeful because of things like arthritis, herniated disc’s or muscle tears…
  • Want to get faster and prevent injuries before they happen.
  • LOVE running and don’t want to be without it.

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