Hey Conscious Runners! I’ve got an inspiring, entertaining and all around funny episode for you, that also happens to be packed with nuggets of training gold that will take you from the couch to completing your first marathon laughing all the way. I’ve got multiple marathon finisher,writer on the Simpsons Tv Show and author of How to Lose a Marathon: A starter’s Guide to finishing in 26.2 chapters, Joel C. Cohen on the line with me.

Joel decided to run a marathon after being inspired by the book Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Super athletes, and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen. Born to run is about the mega-distance running Tarahumara Native Mexican tribe in the Mexican Copper Canyons, who run in thin sandals (almost barefoot), and rarely, if ever, get injured. I read it years ago and was equally inspired.

Through self depricating humor, wit, and inspiration Joel and talk about How to Lose a Marathon: A Starter’s Guide to Finishing in 26.2 Chapters.

I complete enjoyed my chat with Joel and know you will too. So listen in as I drop you into the conversation between Joel and I.

What We Talk About

  • How to go from the cough to running your first steps
  • What every new runner should know
  • If he can run a marathon anyone can

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Until next time, run strong, run long and be present.